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Are you looking for a way to make your dating directory stand out from the 1000's of other online dating directories? Are you looking for a way to make additional revenue from your website?

One approach would be to make sure that your site has unique content and links that other dating directories do not have, so... you are in the right place.

Passions Network has over 260+ individual niche dating sites covering every possible theme. Politics. Religion. Ethnicity. Sexual Orientation. Geographic Location. Body Type. Etc.

Along with the unique sites we provide, we encourage you to take advantage of our affiliate program.

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Affiliate Program Information

The Passions Network affiliate program is a 'Network Wide Membership' that provides access to all the sites within Passions Network.

If you have an existing CCBill account, you can merge our program into that account.

To load your current data, please enter your ID, username and password.

Current ID

Otherwise, feel free to create a new CCBill account by clicking the link below.

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Affiliate Program Details

1. We charge members $4.95/month or $99.95 (one-time-payment) to upgrade to Network Wide Access. We pay you $4.00 for every member you send us who upgrades.

2. The maximum cookie expiration allowed by CCBill is 255 days. We provide the maximum cookie expiration.

3. And most importantly, you not only are credited for an upgrade by a member on Military Passions, you are credited for the upgrade if it happens on any of the 260+ sites in Passions Network because our program is...a 'Network Wide Upgrade'!

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